What is so special about Ranbireshwar Temple in Jammu?

The main temple in the city of temples.

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The largest Shiva temple in northern India, Ranbireshwar temple is one of the most well-known Shiva shrines in Jammu and Kashmir. Maharaja Ranbir Singh built Ranbireshwar Temple in 1883. A centre “Lingam” that is eight feet long is revered in the temple. Additionally, it houses twelve crystal Shiva ‘Lingams’ that range in size from 15 to 38 cm. It was constructed by the Dogra kings and contained 12 crystal Shivlings that ranged in size from 15 to 38 cm. On stone slabs inside the temple, there are galleries containing 1.25 lakh “bona lingam” that were made available from the Narmada River. There are also enormous representations of Kartikeya, Nandi Bull, and Ganesha.

Ranbireshwar Temple in Jammu. Picture Source:  tripnight

The primary temple of Lord Shiva is located in the first story, and the statue of Shri Ranbir Singh with folded hands is worshipping Lord Shiva in front of the temple. The temple in Jammu City was named after Ranbir Singh, who is known as the Lord of Ranbir. The statue, however, was erected much later, a few decades ago, and not by Ranbir Singh himself.

Shivlingam within the main temple. Picture Source: thedivineindia

A massive single-stone Shivlingam within the main temple attracts pilgrims in addition to the life-size idols of Lord Shiva, his bride Parvati, and his son Ganesha. A life-size metallic Nandi made of brass rests at the main temple’s entryway, facing the primary idols. The unique Ekadash Lingams constructed of Safatik are rarely seen in the Shiva temples transported from Banaras by Maharaja Ranbir Singh.

Shaligrams in the temple’s two adjoining halls were also particularly imported from the Narmada riverbed. Shaligrams hold great meaning for Lord Shiva devotees. In addition, just outside the main temple, there are tiny temples with idols of Mahakali, Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman, Shani Devta, Ganesha, and Kartik, Lord Shiva’s elder son.

An open field beneath the temple is the Samadhi of a saint whose who used to meditate there. The Shivlingam was placed at the top of the mound according to the advice of that saint. The temple includes a  place for worshippers to sit and meditate, which is unusual in most temples.

Ranbireshwar temple is the main temple of Jammu, and it is because of this grand and exquisite temple that Jammu has earned the moniker “The City of Temples.” Thousands of devotees attend Shri Ranbireshwar Temple, especially on Mondays in the month of “Sawan,” to pay obeisance to Lord Shiva and Mahadev and seek their favour for themselves and their near and dear ones.

Each year, thousands of pilgrims visit the Shiv Temple of Shri Ranbireshwar Mandir and surrounding temple areas. During the festival, there is still a lot of traffic at this temple (Sharwan Month- Sawan Month). Pilgrims worship Shivlingas, and the entire atmosphere in and around the temple vibrates with the sound of bells and chants of Jai Shiv Shankar, Om Namo Shiva, Devo ki dev Jai Mahadev, Bham Bham Bhole, and seek Lord Shiva’s favour.

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