6 Interesting Places to Visit in Katra to complete your Trip

Explore these stunning locations to rejuvenate your senses.

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The small town of Katra is in the Udhampur District of Jammu and Kashmir. It is well-known as the abode of Mata Vaishno Devi, one of the holiest sites for Hindu pilgrims. However, Katra is much more than just a place to go on pilgrimage. Around Katra are numerous revered, significant, and stunning locations worth seeing. It is also a haven for shoppers. You can purchase leather goods, souvenirs, rugs, and other items at the Katra market. Although the adjacent Vaishno Devi temple is the main reason visitors travel to Katra, there are numerous more sights and locations to explore. The following are some additional locations you really must see while you are in Katra:

1. Sanasar

 A captivating view of Sanasar. Picture Source: Wikipedia

Sanasar, often known as ‘Mini Gulmarg,’ is around 17 kilometres from Patnitop. It is a little away from Katra; you will need to travel for around 3 hours on the road to get there. The location is a magnificent abode with an enthralling lake, hills, and forests. During the summer, it also allows you to participate in adrenaline-pumping activities like paragliding, hot-air ballooning, and horseback riding. Sanasar has enough activities to keep you busy for the entire day. See the waterfalls and visit Nag Temple, Hidden Creek, and Sanasar Lake.

2. Patnitop

Patnitop draped in the powdery white snow. Picture Source: Wikipedia

Patnitop is a captivating hill station located approximately 6640 feet above sea level and is easily accessible via the Jammu Srinagar Highway. The drive to the hill station is scenic, with pine and cedar trees lining the way. The Patnitop hill station is the only hill station in Jammu where snowfall can be seen in the winter. Tourists from the rest of the state come here during the winter. The valley is the perfect place to recover from exhaustion, and its beauty is immediately apparent. There are also provisions for adventure sports such as paragliding, trekking, and golfing. It is a renowned hill station near Katra.

3. Baag-e-Bahu

Blessed with a serene ambience and environment, Baag e Bahu is the most beautiful garden in Jammu city. Picture Source: kashmirhills

Baag-e-Bahu is a unique place to visit near Katra. It is located about 45 kilometres from Katra. It is an excellent place to relax after visiting numerous religious shrines. The Tawi River runs along its banks. At the far end of the garden is Bahu Fort. There have been several renovations of the Baag-e-Bahu under different kings. It was laid out in the time of the Dogra rulers but was modernised in the 1980s. Bagh-e-Bahu also houses the largest underwater aquarium in India. One of the most popular attractions of Bagh-e-Bahu is a gigantic fish-like structure visible from the lake. The underwater aquarium has 13 tiny caves and 24 aquarium caves with marine and freshwater fish.

4. Mansar Lake

A popular excursion site in Jammu. Picture Source: tourmyindia

Lake Mansar is a famous picnic and pilgrimage destination, surrounded by deep forests, tiny parks, temples, and low-lying hills. It is 32 kilometres from Katra, and the lake is over a mile long and half a mile wide. Aside from being a renowned tourist destination, it shares the mystique and holiness of Lake Mansarovar. Surinsar Lake and the Surinsar – Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary are also close. Mansar is an ideal place to unwind from the stresses of everyday life, immerse yourself in nature, and find yourself.

5. Jhajjar Kotli

A quiet and serene place and a famous picnic spot with fresh water and a tranquil atmosphere. Picture Source: kashmirtour

Jhajjar Kotli is one of the most popular spots to visit in Katra. Here at Jhajjar Kotli, you can have your ideal picnic. When travelling with your family, this is the best site to visit in and around Katra. Being here is like giving your senses a refreshing spa treatment. This is one of the most popular destinations around Katra due to its beautiful surroundings and relaxing atmosphere. This tranquil area is around 15 kilometres from Katra.

6. Raghunath Temple

 Raghunath temple houses almost all the images of the Hindu Pantheon and is an unusual embodiment of temple architecture. Picture Source: tourmyindia

Raghunath Temple is located 8 kilometres from the city of Jammu. It was constructed by Maharaja Ranbir Singh and is one of the top attractions near Katra. This temple, dedicated to Lord Rama, is one of the largest in Northern India. Lord Krishna and several other Hindu deities are also revered at the temple. The temple is created in the Mughal architectural style, with the tower in the Sikh architectural style. You can also see paintings representing religious verses from the Holy Gita, Mahabharata, and Ramayana.

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